He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler (Psalms 91:4).

I remember when I was a small child, and the times I would get scared at night after I was tucked into bed and the light had been turned off. I remember how it comforted me to completely cover myself with my blanket. It seemed that if I was somehow able to cover my head so that I could not see the shadows in the darkness around me, that I was somehow safer. And though my reasoning for my feelings of protection did not seem logical, neither did my reasoning for my fears.
When it comes to our fears, we will find that our reasoning abilities often leave us--at least momentarily. We also find that although the focus of our fears have changed, they often impact us much as they did when we were children. Logic evades us and we try to find some way to cover our heads so as to feel protected from the shadows in the darkness. For it is often easier to deal with something if we are somehow able to ignore it rather than face it. Yet that does not erase within us a need for a sense of security.
So now, the question might be "Where do we find that security?" Like the child who escapes the darkness by creating an even greater darkness, we may see that we all too often place our faith in the security in the greater darkness. To say it once more, it is a security within the bliss of ignorance. And we know that this security is false, for if any real danger exists outside of our security blanket, it is certain that the blanket will not stop it from harming us. The false security we choose blinds us from the truth, and causes us not to see the shadows in the darkness, but it is a placing of faith in a covering that cannot protect, but only pacifies.
To summarize our frequent and backward logic, let's consider this: We become frightened by the "darkness." We respond by creating even a greater darkness--turning a blind eye to the shadows in our lives. And therefore, we pacify ourselves somewhat, but are not rid of the reality nor do we truly feel secure--at least, not until we fall asleep--then we are completely unconscious to what is around us. But we wake up and each day we go through it all over again.
But there is a better answer. We could just turn on the light. In the light we are able to see things as they are, and false fears must subside. In the light we discover how silly it was for us to fear in the first place, for what we were afraid of does not exist. But now you might say, "But some fears are very real. What about those?" It is to those I say this, we are foolish to try to hide from real threats beneath security blankets that will not protect us. Responding to real danger by covering our heads won't make it go away.
There is, however, a true and lasting security for us that will protect and keep us always. It is the only sure security and it is not found within the greater darkness, but in the brilliant Light of God. And it is a covering. A covering that is not provided to give us a false sense of security, but a real sense of peace and comfort in knowing that we are covered completely.
We are covered by the blood of Jesus--head to toe. It is a covering of grace and love and one that goes well beyond that of a child's blanket. Nevertheless, even as the child's faith was placed in the covering of the blanket, so we should also demonstrate faith, a childlike faith, in the covering that God has given us. It is the only real security against real threats of life. It is the only security that draws us into the Light rather than chasing us further into the darkness. And it is the only security that will ever bring us a complete and lasting peace.

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