Blessed are those who do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled (Mt.5:6).

Have you ever been hungry but not certain what you were hungry for? Most of us can identify with that feeling. And if that is how you are feeling while at the same time you are presented with lots of choices, making that choice may seem pretty hard. Sometimes you choose something only to realize that it was not what we were really craving. Whatever it was just didn't hit the spot. You were hungry for something and didn't know what it was you were hungry for, and once you've eaten you still are left wanting something--yet, you've no where to put it. Perhaps that's not a life-threatening dilemma, but many of us have experienced the feeling.
However, there is a serious side. What if your body is craving something that is vitally needed and you can't determine what it is? Perhaps not having it is causing you to be rundown or ill. What if its serious enough to force you to go to a doctor, only to find out that no one can find out what you need. In such a situation, you might be able to keep your stomach full of food but if it is not what is need you've only managed to satisfy your hunger pains for a very small amount of time. Your body would still be in need and is going to tell you about it.
Early in my Christianity I discovered something about my spirit--it got hungry. I also discovered that when I spent time in God's Word and in prayer (and anything else related to God), that my spirit was satisfied. I felt as though I was being nurtured and getting what my spirit needed to thrive as a child of God. In fact, I was more than satisfied, I was content. My hunger was filled and I also had the knowledge that I met my truest need, I didn't fool my spiritual body with some sort of phony substitute.
It was not long, however, before I discovered something else. There were times that I craved other things. For instance, I might be having a day where I felt a little rundown and maybe a little moody, and I just knew that if I would go out and buy something it would make me feel so much better. I was mistaken. When ever I gave in to such desires I only discovered that I had pacified myself for an hour or so, when what I really needed was the milk of God's Word. Since then, I try to keep in mind that when I think I need that one thing that I'm certain would just hit the spot, it may be that I just need to be with God.
Like so many things, what is best is not always the most appealing. Yet, if we really want to be satisfied--to be filled--we need keep guard against the foods that make our mouths water yet have no lasting substance. Those things only last for a moment and are gone, but the Word of God will remain forever.

Try to identify your wants that can be confused with needs. Ask God to help you to know when your hunger pains are due to a need to be with Him. Determine to hunger after righteousness so that you may be truly filled. If you begin to give in to the temptations for the wants, imagine yourself as a baby sucking on a pacifier--you may see yourself content for a moment, but you will soon see yourself crying out for what is really needed.

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