To Bring To Pass

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive
(Genesis 50:20).

Joseph must have questioned the why behind his circumstances from time to time. Sold into slavery by his brothers, made a servant in a man's house and eventually sent to prison, being accused falsely. We look at some of the trials Joseph faced and we must confess that most of us are not sure how we would hold up under that. Most of us would have a hard time believing we could get through it at all, but then to look back on it and say, "God meant it unto good," how could we possibly say that? For though we see the potential within the evil for God to bring good, we are often blinded by our own hurt and pain to ever begin to see anything good in what has most assuredly done us evil.
There is little doubt that Joseph didn't lose hope and feel abandoned and completely alone. His heart must have broken when he was betrayed by his own--an experience that would surely kindle in most of us fires of anger and hate--fueled by years of enslavement and separation. Yet Joseph was not made bitter by his situation, but he was made better. And because of that God was able to use him in a mighty way to accomplish a purpose much larger than anything concerning Joseph alone.
How incredible! Yet, for many of us, we would sooner withdraw than to seek to find greater purpose in our place. We victimize ourselves and consider ourselves deserving of the bitterness we harbor, all the while ignoring how the bitterness is only hurting us and making matters worse. We turn our entire situation inward and grow more angry with each passing day, and then we convince ourselves that no one could possibly understand, and that no one is worthy of identifying with the pain we have felt. Granted, the pain was real and the hurt very personal. But, the bottom line is that we have a choice as to what that pain and hurt becomes. It can either be evil that remains evil--or it can be turned around by God to bring something that is good.
There is so much in this world meant for evil, and there is so much we will suffer as a result of that evil. But there is a God who is far greater, and there is a potential for good to be brought out from all things. We do not have to allow the evil to hurt us to the point of permanently stealing our joy. We do not have to allow the evil to imprison us in an eternal withdrawal and disillusionment. There is a victory that can come out of the worse circumstances, and a joy that can radiate from a wounded heart. All because God can take what some mean for evil, and use it to accomplish greater things.
Consider the things of this world around you that seem full of evil. It is so very difficult to look at these things in any positive light. These things are not positive in themselves and they are certainly not God's desire, yet God is still God--bigger than all of the evil things put together. If we truly believe that, then we must also believe that He can take anything bad and make something good out of it. We can believe that the bad choices we make or even honest mistakes are not above His abilities to move them to a good and perfect conclusion. And even what may seem at times as a life gone sour, is to God potentially sweet.

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