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Friday, September 4, 2015 other day's devotionals

Today's Devotional Reading
Blaming God

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For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us (Rom.8:18).

I knew a man with whom I worked and had many conversations. In the course of our time with each other, my beliefs in God were evident to him as I talked with him and with others in the workplace. Usually we were surrounded by so many others, but finally the day came when we were out of earshot of anyone else, and he chose that opportunity to be frank with me about his feelings concerning God. I remember how he looked at me, and in a somewhat angry voice began to share with me regarding his distrust of God--and his contempt for Him. It seems that the man had at one time had cancer and therefore had reasoned that if God were a God of love, then He would not let things like that happen to people. I could not help but wonder what had happened to his cancer, and I discovered that he no longer had it. I found it interesting or should I say, very human, that he was so ready and able to blame God for letting him get sick, but gave God no credit for him being healed.
Perhaps it is a very core part of who we are as fallen humans that allows us to blame others for bad, and somehow give ourselves the credit for what we see as good. Sociologists would in fact tell us that there are studies that support such findings. If we perhaps lose a job, we might be inclined to blame someone else, or perhaps even blame God. And if we perhaps get a promotion, suddenly it is because of our own efforts or our own merit that we got the promotion or raise. Now, this is certainly not something all of us do in all situations at all times. However, it is a predisposition of a fallen humankind, and one that we should not easily forget when our finger of blame begins to find a resting place.
But let's not sound to clinical or cynical, for sometimes our reasons are due to some tragic event in our lives. Those are the times in which we do not necessarily seek to blame in order to boost our own egos as with some of the more petty issues. Instead, they are times when we feel hurt or alone or cheated in our lives. Perhaps we are diagnosed with a terminal disease, or we have been out of work for several months, or we are in an abusive relationship, or we have lost someone dear to us, or so on. It is in times like those that we really may not seek to blame anyone but that it happens as we struggle to make sense out of everything. It is especially those times when life seems unfair that we find that God is the easiest target--and we become the victim of circumstances that "God did not raise a finger" to protect us from--or so we think.
It is a hard task to convince some people that God is not responsible for what has happened. But we should keep in mind that the reason the world is in turmoil is not because God has withdrawn to and uncaring corner. For He created the world to function a particular way, and so long as the plan for the world would be followed--then all would be well. Yet, beginning with Adam, mankind has continuously chosen to walk a path outside of God's plan, and in so doing we have stirred up a world of consequences that effects everyone who lives here. It is our sin that has disrupted our perfect world. Sometimes that sin is the sin of our ancestors or others around us, and sometimes it is our personal sin.
Even with all of that, most people on this earth want to maintain control of their lives until their lives become out of control, and then we want God to take control and then blame Him when He does not step in the way we want Him to. When in fact, what we want is not for God to be in control, but we want to control Him instead. For it is in those times that we realize that situations are above our control, so we want Him to step in to do exactly what we want Him to, which still leaves us in control--but then we are controlling even God.
But there is a way that life can be easier--though it won't be free from the effects of sin that have turned this world upside down. The way life can be easier is to give God control always, not just when things are bad and not so long as He controls things according to our desires, but always and in every matter--from the smallest detail to the largest ordeal. Finding His plan for our lives and following it will not make our lives free of pain or troubled times, but it will make it much easier to deal with.

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