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Friday, October 20, 2017 other day's devotionals

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So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart (Nehemiah 4:6).

We have often heard of the "walls of sin"--the walls we construct as a result of our wrong doings that place a barrier between us and God. Most of us would agree that "walls of sin" is an accurate picture of what takes place as a result of our sin. There is a sense of a greater separation from God and of the broken fellowship with Him. There is an awkwardness in trying to pray or talk to God, like that of trying to talk through a wall. And there is frustration because we feel as though we are talking but no one is listening, or because we are having a hard time hearing what is being said on the other side of the wall. And though this "wall of sin" is a wall that must be torn down so that we can experience the unhindered fellowship with God, we must consider the wall that must be established as a result of a right fellowship with God.
Its kind of like going into a building that has two sets of doors at the entrance. A good example might be an aviary at a zoo. The first door takes you into a short corridor that leads to the second door, and the second door takes you into the actual aviary where the birds are freely flying about. The purpose of the two sets of doors is to give people a way to get in without letting any of the birds out.
So then, we work continuously to tare down one wall which is the door that stands between us and God so that we can freely enter His presence. But that's not all there is to it. There is another door that must be shut behind us. But its not so anything won't get out, it is to keep something from getting in to us--that being sin. Our desire then is not only to freely come to God, but also to take measures to keep sin from getting in and thereby making it difficult to get into God. Like in the corridor of the aviary, only one door is opened at a time, and we who are in the corridor determine which door will be opened. If sin is in our corridor, we cannot freely open the door to God. We first must deal with the sin and then we can once again freely come to God.
To consider the walls we will learn that the wall of sin is built one brick at a time, and each brick representing a wrong doing against God. That of course is the wall that must come down. But the second wall is the wall of testimony. It is the wall that is built one brick at a time, but each brick in this wall is an encounter or experience that is a result of our fellowship with God. One brick might be a time when money was tight and you were not sure if you could pay the rent, yet God demonstrated His provision for you as the money came through some unexpected means. Another brick might be an event that took place, wherein a number of apparent loose ends came together so neatly and so timely that you knew without a doubt that God was in it. Perhaps another brick is in His strength provided to you in a time of weakness, and another is His comfort in a time when you thought you had lost all hope.
As we walk with God and fellowship with Him, we will acquire the bricks of testimony. The more we are with Him and the more we experience Him, the greater the number of bricks. As we place brick upon brick, we build a strong and enduring wall. The higher the wall becomes, the more difficult it is for sin, or fear, or worry to penetrate the wall. It is the wall of our testimony. It is a wall that we have built with Him together through the course of our fellowship with Him. And each one of us have our section of the wall to build. Each one of us working within the power and love of God to do it. Yet our individual walls of testimony do not stand alone, they are linked together with the walls of testimony of others who share in this wall building process. Indeed our walls are all part of a greater wall--and that wall is called the Faithfulness of our Lord.

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