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Friday, October 31, 2014 other day's devotionals

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Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (Matthew 18:18).

The supernatural realm is one which intrigues many of us. We seem drawn to the mysterious unknown and the possibilities that lie therein. But why do we seek the supernatural workings or seek something that is beyond this life? Is it because God is what we would call, "supernatural?" And with that, is what we are truly seeking simply Him, and because of that we feel a compelling toward the Person outside of our temporal existence?
Like any relationship gone bad, there seems to be a continual internal gnawing within us until we resolve what has gone wrong. As we are created to have a relationship with God it is only natural for there to be something within us that desires to draw near to Him. But sin has gotten in the way, has left us with a wanting of a right relationship with Him, and has blinded us to what is needed to find true fulfillment. For we know we do not find true fulfillment in the material things of this earth, or those things which seem natural and ordinary. Instead we find our greatest fulfillment in things that are not tangible (i.e. love, honesty, commitment, etc.), we find true fulfillment in that which is greater than the natural.
But sin being the blinding force that it is would lead us to believe that we are compelled by other things, and would sooner draw us away from God than toward. So some seek psychics and some mediums. Some find a "spiritual fix" if you will, within movies that portray magical powers or games that allow the person to pretend they possess great skills of sorcery. Some dabble in witchcraft and some in so called, "white magic." But few realize that what they are doing is sampling the forbidden fruit. For within their pseudo-spiritual endeavors (their false spiritual fulfillment), they let go of what is needed to be with God and chase after what makes them feel like they are their own god.
The lies Satan spoke in the garden have echoed through the ages. They tell us we can be our own gods and they deceive us away from the truth. They instill fear and insecurity with each of us so that each of us will try to find ways to feel secure and safe. In essence, we all try to find ways to be our own gods as we try to have control over our lives and our destinies. Some use money to bring a sense of control. Some use jobs, relationships, fun, etc., to bring them a sense of security. And some seek personal supernatural powers to give them a sense that they have a grip on life and its happenings.
But there is only one truth, and that is that only God is in control. Only God can bring to us the sense of security, and only God can fulfill our spiritual need. Seeking to find power and security through any other means only binds us--while seeking God is freeing. And when it gets down to it, what is being sought most is freedom. Freedom to be secure and to rest easy knowing that all is well.
We find in God our freedom. And as we are freed, or loosed, to live our lives here as little children, we are also loosed in heaven--finally able to find fulfillment supernaturally as we properly connect with our heavenly Father. As little children we depend on our Father, we trust Him to protect us, to watch over us, to provide for us and to love us. It is a life in which we no longer feel insecure, and therefore, we do not need to feel as though we must gain some power or control over life in order to feel safe. But if we fail to see that God is our freedom, and if we fail to trust Him, we have most assuredly bound ourselves as slaves to this current existence--and in so doing, have bound ourselves spiritually as well.
Many people seek many means in order to feel safe and secure. Some seek to possess some kind of special power in order to help them do it. It may be that the greater the sense of insecurity, the more seemingly "powerful" solution they will seek. The extreme end might be witchcraft; while the common end might be something as simple as job security. But let us know with a certainty that we cannot control our lives out of a fear of tomorrow, but must instead find peace by trusting in He who holds tomorrow.

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